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kuromikowaii asked:

Will Haku get an intro?


Of course!


But like Jiji, we want to get to “know” Haku as he matures to get a better sense of his personality and ensure his Meet comic does him justice. Texas rat snakes take about 18-24 months to reach maturity (and longer than that to reach full size), so Haku’s still going through his baby steps slithers.


What I can say is that he’s getting way more sociable. He used to be a little indifferent to the idea of being handled, but now he practically expects it. If we don’t take him out of his vivarium for a little socialization every couple of days, he’ll try to find a way out of it. He also loves being able to perch on a branch and watch us (and the cats) go about our days. That’s definitely a trait that would’ve been missed in an earlier comic.


I’m eager to make the comic, myself, but that’s just going to have to be at Haku’s pace!

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