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freibiergesicht asked:

btw i started to write this in a reblog but i realized it would be better to ask you directly. I am no longer pagan and i'm cis but i'm really concerned about the transphobic bullshit going on at the con you've been blogging about. is there any way in which i can help?

I’m gonna post this publicly in case anyone else was wondering the same thing. I think it would be a good idea to contact the organizers of PCon explaining why it’s hurtful & messed up what Z Budapest did/said, and why non-apologies like “I’m sorry your feelings were hurt” aren’t enough. I wouldn’t try to contact Z herself, since, well, she can be bigoted in her own home all she likes, but since she’s a pagan elder who has been given public space for events and, as such, is in a position of power, it’s up to the coordinators of said events to make sure they’re not being oppressive by approving transphobia.

What’s good is that so far, there have been a lot of cis pagans coming forward to condemn the transphobic shit (not that the comments aren’t full of cissplainers and apologists and “but omg teh_penis!”-ers), so that at least gives me hope, even if it is extremely tiring hearing a bunch of cis people talking about trans people like some kind of intellectual puzzle to answer. There have been a lot more posts in the pagan blogosphere this week, and I haven’t even been able to keep up with all of it. But a lot of it is cis people trying to be allies, and it’s moreso the comments that are enraging.

Anyhow, thanks!

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